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Mooie boodschap voor jou en mij ⏬

Wandering through the maze of my mind

Trying to find an answer

But my heart already knows which way I need to go

But I wanna hold on a little longer

But every moment that I wait to surrender to my fate

My soul cries out for me to listen

Listen deeply, she says, you are meant for better things

I know you don't think that you are ready... But you are ready. You are ready

And then I hear her say

Just let go

It's all right now

Just let go

You'll be all right now

Cause you'll never be more ready than you are in this moment

There's never a better time to listen to the divine

You know you know you know when it's time for you go

And surrender to the guidance you're receiving

Precious gifts await you as you're grieving

Cause letting go is living love, letting go is giving love

The only path to forgiving love, letting go is a higher love

Letting go to rise above, letting go to let in love

Making space for what you're dreaming of, letting go is making love


Muziek Just let go door @taradivina




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