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Finding a new rythm

Bijgewerkt op: 5 jan. 2022

When I started my own business I put myself there 200%. I wanted clients, money and the dream job asap. I pushed myself with a long to do list and a full schedule. At the same time starting the 5 AM club, which means getting up at 5 and then running outside, meditating en learning, the first thing in the morning (before breakfast)

But it doesn't work that way... After a few weeks my body said NO.

I became sick, tired and couldn't keep up with my own planning. Now I realize I've been caught up in this masculine energy. Always planning everything, going straight for the best. I did exactly what I did in my lasts jobs - work work work and stress stress stress. I didn't even go walking in nature anymore. There was no time! I thought. Luckily my body gave a signal that I've learned to recognise. Ignoring pain and tiredness is not something I can do! So I listened and realized that this is not what I quit my job for. I quit my job because I want to enjoy life, doing what I love.

So now I'm finding a new rythm. A more feminine rythm.

LESS: planning, to do lists, thinking, controle.

MORE: flow, rest, dancing and singing, feeling, tuning in with my intuition, nature.

Who does his or her work in a feminine energy way? Can you please tell how it is for you? What you do or not? I'm still a student

I want to learn


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